Walsingham Picture Palace

Walsingham Picture Palace was set up in a hurry in the autumn of 2009 so that we could screen Stephen Poliakoff's film Glorious 39. As it was largely shot in Walsingham the previous year, cast and crew had been in the village for a while, and everyone in the village was very keen to see the finished film. We joined the Village Screen network run by Creative Arts East, initially borrowing shared equipment, but after a couple of years we managed to get a grant and now have our own projection kit installed in our hall. We were excited to be among the first screenings of the Poliakoff film, and our first show was a complete sell-out. 

Walsingham's village community cinema has been going ever since, presenting films once a month, always preceded by an interesting short, at Walsingham Parish Hall. We are one of the smallest groups but always have a good time with refreshments and socialising from doors opening at 7pm, before the show.

We belong to the Village Screen network of community cinemas run by our regional arts organisation, Creative Arts East. We also belong to the Moviola cinema network, both organisations help us with film licences and programming. We run a small Membership scheme to raise money by offering discounted tickets with a subscription.