Selsey Cinema Club

Welcome to the Selsey  Cinema Club, home of the regular cinema in the Town Hall. Films screen twice a month on a Thursday at 7.30pm. Doors always open at 7.00pm for a pre-film drink from the licensed bar and wherever possible we aim to have an interval half way through the film (we may not need to change reels any more, but we like to honour the tradition).

We try to show a range of current films, mostly independent in spirit, and we occasionally show classics from a bygone era or special screenings.

Films are projected using the latest digital equipment onto a 10x12ft screen and we have a full Dolby surround speaker system; while it may not be a multiplex, it is still a great Cinema Experience.

If you are tired of taking the trip to the multiplex, you want to catch up on some gems that you may have missed first time round, or if you just fancy a great night out, then give the Selsey Cinema Club a go – it’s the best-kept secret in Selsey!