Poringland Community Cinema

We opened in a new community centre, and, due to grants from Dyno-Rod, South Norfolk DC, Norfolk Foundation and Poringland Fuel Charity were able to set up with all our own equipment. We can accommodate 160 viewers and 20 volunteers per show. We have been able to update our equipment so we now have full HD and Blu-Ray as well as a four speaker sound system. Our system is capable of carrying web broadcasts and we showed the Women's Institute Centenary Webcast live from the Albert Hall in June 2015 to an audience of WI members. We look to screen the best of recent releases with the help of Moviola, Creative Arts East and Filmbank. In order to pay our overheads and costs we need to have a minimum audience of about 50. We are happy to offer specialist screening for clubs and societies and look to increase community cohesion and enjoyment through shared film performances. The Cinema regards it as being part of our mission to encourage new film groups to undertake the training opportunities available locally and we are always happy to show potential new groups 'how we do it'. We have particpated in academic research into how village cinemas operate. Our performances are special because single people, couples and groups are particularly welcome.