Parbold Picture House

Parbold Picture House is a BFFS award winning community cinema that provides access to films and Live transmissions for the rural and dormitory community and from nearby communities and is probably the only way they will ever experience or have the chance to experience some of these films and arts events. Visiting London or even Manchester or Liverpool is financially prohibitive and a difficult regular journey for people and families without private transport or who are working.

Parbold’s community screen is the only independent community digital facility of the kind that accommodates Live satellite transmissions within 10 miles or more.

The Picture House has made a wide impact and a real difference to people’s lives in a rural situation. Its ambience is attractive, smart, and offers first class HD vision and Dolby 5.1 surround sound. The existence of the cinema attracts audiences from surrounding areas and who enjoy being part of a live audience are mentally, emotionally and socially stimulated. It has been noted that the audiences are becoming a community and the evenings offer a welcoming community focus, that readily accepts newcomers.

The hall has comprehensive provision for the disabled, induction loops have been installed and there is ample car parking.

It is operated by a Film Crew of volunteers of all ages from 17-70 plus. The programming is done quarterly by the film crew so the programme includes the latest films of the highest quality and most interesting features and documentaries.