Oakwood Cinema

Oakwood Cinema set out to be a real cinema, bringing the best of the cinema experience, new and old. So, we have a big screen, big projection and big sound, just like an independent cinema should. We also have great ice cream, popcorn and refreshments at affordable prices so people can enjoy all the things they love about a good night out. There’s also a fully licensed bar and you can take your drinks into the auditorium. Oakwood Cinema also helps to support those members of the community who have less opportunity to meet others in a social setting. What’s different though is that we’ve brought back a few things cinemas used to have. We have an intermission so that people can have a break and socialise, and occasionally we get someone in to talk about the film at the beginning. We don’t sell anything that’s noisy to eat or drink too. To be honest, you can hear a pin drop sometimes. Oakwood Cinema features a real mix of films to cater for everyone who loves film. We’re aware that many people like to catch films they’re hearing about at the moment. Many people know that the first piece of film shot in the world was shot by Frenchman Louis Le Prince in Leeds. What some might not know though is that very first piece of film ‘Roundhay Garden Scene’ shot in October 1888 and lasting for only 3 seconds, took place in the garden of Oakwood Grange, less than a quarter of a mile from Oakwood Cinema. This film was shot several years before anything from competing pioneers at the time, The Lumière Brothers and Thomas Edison. That makes Oakwood Cinema the closest cinema there has ever been to the place where the technology behind cinema was effectively invented in 1888.