Manchester Film Weekender

We are an annual residential/non-residential film festival based at Chancellors Hotel & Conference Centre in Manchester, part of Manchester University. We aim to screen films by country or genre. Our 2017 festival 17th,18th and 19th March is on German cinema, tracing the work of emerging German filmmakers who left to work in the USA. We will be showing full length films by Ernst Lubitsh, Billy Wilder, Joseph von Sternberg, Fritz Lang, Gerhart Lamprecht, Robert Siodmark, G Ulmer and Douglas Sirk. Eight films in total will be screened over the weekend led by an academic who is steeped in German cinema. All the films are opened up for discussion between screenings and this carries on over dinner at night. Proposed future screenings are Russian Cinema, Japanese Cinema, Contemporary Italian Cinema, Polish Cinema, and Central & South American cinema