Highbury Film Club

Highbury film club was set up as a brand new venture in 2014 as part of the existing Highbury Theatre Centre, previously known as Highbury Little Theatre, which opened in 1942. A small group of us set out to establish a small but vibrant art house cinema that would show a range of films to attract a different audience to the theatre.

We aim to:

  • Run a club that will screen exciting, unusual and rarely seen films from different genres and cultures.
  • Develop partnerships so that we can actively promote film in a fresh and original way.
  • Join existing networks of venues showing commercial, live, digitally streamed performances.
  • Offer film makers in the area a venue for experimental film.
  • Interest new audiences in the broader activities of the centre.

We hope to involve our immediate community a well as a city wide audience that will over time recognise the Highbury Film Club as a venue for high quality and innovative film programmes.