Hayle Film Club

Your Neighbourhood Cinema – Fine Films & Friendly Faces

Hayle Film Club meets on the second Saturday evening of each month, plus the third or fourth Thursday (check the schedule), upstairs at our village hall, the Passmore Edwards Institute, 13-15 Hayle Terrace. Screenings begin with an introduction promptly at 7.30pm. On Saturdays, everyone is welcome to stay for free homemade refreshments after the film ends. Tickets remain a reasonable £5 per person for general admission, £4 per person for members (membership is £7.50 per year).

The purpose of the Hayle Film Club is to offer a community cinema experience for townspeople and visitors as an alternative entertainment option that is also accessible and reasonably priced. The programme comprises a mix of well-received films, of various genres, including current, classic and foreign-language titles, to appeal to an audience of all ages (although all films will not always be suitable for a general audience). Many of the films will have had scant exposure in West Cornwall's local cinemas. Membership is not compulsory – non-members can turn up and buy a ticket and all are welcome. However, we do encourage membership as this helps to cover extra costs.