Dragon Theatre

Three reasons to watch a movie at the Dragon Theatre...

  1. Comfy Seats: We've got really comfortable seating in our traditional auditorium (stalls, balcony or royal box). A comfy seat is important we think, especially for the 2hr+ films.
  2. Warm Red Wine or Cold Local Beer: We put our red wine in the boiler room to gently warm through and we serve a great range of Welsh cider and locally brewed Purple Moose beers. Take your drink in with you, no problem.
  3. Great Films: Hang on, have we got our priorities right?! Of course the film is the most important thing and that's why we try to programme according to our audiences' tastes. We ask them regularly what they'd like to see and we've invested in an excellent projector with super wide screen.

So all in all, we want our community and our holiday visitors to enjoy an evening out, see people, have a chat and a drink, as well as watch a quality film in comfort. Hope you can join us at the Dragon sometime soon!