Deptford Cinema


The London Borough of Lewisham was one of only two London boroughs with no dedicated cinema. Deptford Cinema is a not-for-profit community led project that decided it was time to make this change, with the building of a new venue for film and arts on Deptford Broadway.

The cost of a cinema ticket today can be upwards of £12 and even more when you factor in the travel for Lewisham residents to nearby Greenwich or Southwark, or central London; it is increasingly no longer an affordable night out. Cinema should be for everybody, more often, and that’s the ethos of Deptford Cinema, providing interesting cinema, that’s also accessible.

Founded in 2014, Deptford Cinema is now the oldest operating cinema in Lewisham.

Deptford Cinema is built by the community, for the community. The programming of events and films is open to anybody to show the films they want, and the cinema as a hub for all things film in Lewisham.

If you think you can help out and would like to get involved and become a part of the cinema, it’s easy: come along to one of our Sunday meetings, held each week within the cinema at 11AM.

Deptford Cinema is a community based and community focused volunteer-run organisation that operates by means of an open participatory structure. Every week, trustees facilitate meetings attended by volunteers, during which decisions on our programme - from films to special events and exhibitions - are made collectively by consensus. Discussions and decisions regarding the organisation's administration, finances, publicity and visual identity are also held and made by consensus during our weekly meetings. The presence of a director or trustee is mandatory to ensure the ethos of the organisation is upheld, in other words, that every decision made by members serves the purpose of:

I. providing the community with interesting diverse cinema that is also accessible;

II. advancing the education of the community and wider public in the knowledge, understanding and appreciation of film and art, for the public benefit;

III. advancing the education of the community and wider public in the running of arts institutions, for the public benefit; and

IV. advancing community development through the use of film and art, for the public benefit.

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